Hi.  My name is Chad.  And I'm that guy with the beard with the sock cap.  And, apparently, I'm a bit of a stoner.  Yep!  That's according to BuzzFeed's brand new quiz, Which Country Star Are You?.  According to the quiz,  I am also a bit of a romantic and my real passion is Southern cooking.  You know?  Now we're onto something.  Yes!  According to my quiz results, I am Zac Brown.  It's not BuzzFeed's fault that they don't know I look REALLY bad in sock caps!  Wanna know which country star you are??  We've got the link's to BuzzFeed's quiz.  It's a blast!

Now, before you begin, be prepared to answer seven very probing questions about yourself: Your favorite kind of truck, your favorite shade of denim, what you're drinking and how you react to a break-up.  The more honest you are with your answers, the more accurate your country music match will be.  At least, we hope!!  I'm still trying to fit my overly large skull into a Zac Brown hat.

CLICK HERE to take the Which Country Star Are You? quiz!