So, on the WBKR Waking Crew Show this morning I shared with you a story about an incredible new idea: talking urinals. If you’re in a bar in Michigan and step into the men’s room to answer the call of nature, don’t be surprised if the urinal - in a female's voice! talks to you.

No, not because you’ve had one too many (unless you have), but because you’re peeing on one of the talking urinal-deodorizer cakes being put in place to remind you not to drink and drive.

Cops say since most drunk drivers are young men, it makes sense to speak directly to them when they’re, shall we say, a rather captive audience. And that’s where the urinal cakes come in.

“We are always looking for different and unique ways to get our message to the people that we’re trying to reach, those people most likely to get behind the wheel drunk,” said Melody Kindraka, a spokeswoman for the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning.

Michigan isn’t the first state to use them, but no matter where you are during any holiday, just remember to call a cab or enlist the help of a sober friend if you need assistance getting home safely.

Really? If you hear your urinal talking maybe you HAVE had too much to drink!

You can watch the talking urinal cake in action below.