(Taylor with John Mayer, one of the "Slew")

I told you on "Country Quickies" this morning Taylor Swifts fans are lovingly referred to as "Swifties". They were mad at hornets last month when the firm Abercrombie & Fitch were making t-shirts making fun of Taylor's many, many boyfriends. They made such a stink that they  convinced A&F to stop selling them.  The British-based firm even issued an apology and Tweeted that they'd stopped selling the shirt. But, now someone else has picked up the torch!

Bad Kids Clothing has made a shirt that shows the last names of all the guys she has supposedly hooked up with.  They don't mention Taylor by name but everyone will know what it is rerffering to. They, out of respect for the late Cory Monteith, whom she also dated, removed his name from the shirt.

Here is the shirt and I could have sworn there were a LOT more!


"Jonas & Till & Lautner & Mayer & Gyllenhaal & Redmayne & Efron & Kennedy & Styles."