When I was in high school, we called it the rubber room--the place you'd go if you did something really wrong but you still had to be in school. So where does a teacher who's caught stealing from students go? My guess is jail...the real one.

So, it hasn't gotten that far yet, but it could, thanks to Linden, California high school student Justine Betti, who hid in a locker with a camera and set up another one in order to catch this teacher in the act.

The thing is, Justine didn't know who had been stealing from the students' backpacks, so it was quite a shock when it was revealed to be one of her teachers. On the other hand, the teacher's sister makes the point that she could very well have been looking for something. And that's valid.

That teacher, by the way, is currently on administrative leave and the school board and local sheriff's office are investigating.