The Huffington Post recently published an article that is pretty funny.  9 things that we can't do today because of technology.  Give directions, long division and remember phone numbers are on the list.  This is pretty funny stuff... funnier than when I tried to do long division a little while ago....  I thought I had it.... I didn't.

6568 divided by 26... forget it I have a calculator.... EXACTLY... Do you see what technology is doing to us?  However I am pretty darn good at giving directions on how to get somewhere.  I can make it all the way back to Marietta without looking at a map or turning on my GPS and now that I've lived in the Tri-State for 2 years I'm getting to know the roads A LOT better.

So the list that you can check out HERE is basically telling us what we cannot do anymore due to technology.  We all have calculators on our phones and little restaurant tip generators and phone books with gigs and gigs of memory.

Another one that I like is cursive writing.  This went a lot better than attempting to do long division.  I just wrote the entire alphabet in cursive and it went alright I guess... you aren't getting that away from me technology!  Do they even teach cursive anymore?