Within a few days, It will be time to cast the ballot for all the CMA Awards. I need help, though in determining who should garner the precious WBKR-Owensboro vote. That's where you come in.Over the next several days I will have a CMA Awards Poll here at wbkr.com.  You will tell me who in each category I should support. At the end of the polling, whoever has the most gets the vote.

Let's start with the trickiest:


Sam Bush (Mandolin)
Getty Images\Erika Goldring
Paul Franklin (Steel Guitar)
You Tube screen grab
Dann Huff (Guitar)
Getty Images\Rick Diamond
Brent Mason (Guitar)
You Tube Screen Grab
Mac McAnally (Guitar)
Getty Images\Tim Mosenfelder

You can search the web for more information about these great music makers, then vote here: