The tri-state is under a Moderate risk for severe weather today with large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes are even possible, be sure to keep your radio on 92.5 WBKR we will keep you up to date with the very latest watches & warnings that come our way, and if your traveling on Kentucky roadways you might see well known Texas Storm Chasers they are on their way with vehicles traveling with weather instruments on top tracking storms. And, for your mobile devices download Radiopup.

Please be careful! Here are some safety tips if a tornado is in your area....

1. Seek shelter under a sturdy table in the basement.

2. If no basement is available, go to a first floor, small interior room or a room on the opposite side from a tornado. Stay away from windows.

3. In schools, churches, and shopping centers, go to designated shelters away from outside walls, glass, and large rooms (malls, auditoriums). Get under a table or counter or in a restroom or small storeroom. DO NOT GO TO YOUR PARKED CAR

4. In motels, lie down in the lowest-level interior hallway away from glass. Dive under a bed or pull a mattress on top of you as last resort.

5. In a vehicle, drive away at a right angle to the storm movement. DO NOT GET CAUGHT IN YOUR VEHICLE. Abandon your vehicle and lie in a ditch or culvert or under a low bridge.