Carsyn loves movies. She loves going to the movies, watching movies on TV and looking thru the 50 DVDs that we have at home before picking one out to watch. This weekend, she picked out 'Annie', the 1981 classic that we've all seen a million times. I was excited to watch it really, hadn't seen it in years.

Well, you can bet your bottom dollar my excitement quickly turned to shock once the drinking and cursing started... yes, in 'Annie'.

Let's just say I'm glad the movie rating system has changed since 1981, ha! I had forgotten how much drinking and assumed fornicating (yes, I just used the word fornicating) Miss Hannigan does in the film. (It's rated PG.) I also had no clue how much cussing was in it. At one point, they said "GD". TWICE!!! The Southern Baptist in me almost rolled off the couch! Not to mention that I was doing my best not to make a big deal about it in front of Carsyn, because she had no clue.

PG my butt. I love the music and how stinkin' cute 'Annie' is, but the language really threw me off! I guess as a kid, I never noticed it, which gives me hope that Carsyn didn't either.

I'm just glad that nowadays, a PG movie is just that. Whew... from now on, I think I'll preview movies from my childhood before showing Carsyn.. Just in case!