I received a call from the mother of a two year old child in need of a liver transplant today as soon as I entered the studio. She had received a call from an out of state hospital that there was a possible donation available for her son. She only had one problem.....there was no available air transportation for a literal life or death long distance trip.

The mother of little Cameron White asked me to go on air and ask if anyone could provide air transport for her son. After making the announcement I was amazed at the abundance of offers. Someone was generous enough to contact the airport and set up a flight just for the White family and that person is awesome!

Thank you all for lending your generosity to this family and making me feel like my job can actually aid in saving a life. We played "God's Will" by Martina McBride for Cameron and we wish he and his family all the best. Good luck, and stay strong  little man.