I'll be the first to say that sometimes, writing a Thank You note can seem like a hassle. Especially if you've just gotten married or had a baby, because there are tons to get sent out. And, if you're like me, no matter how old I get, my Mother is calling every 10 minutes asking if I've gotten the notes out, ha!

Then again, if you're like me, there's a feel-good feeling that comes from opening up a piece of actual mail, reading someone's own handwriting and feeling appreciated.

Yesterday, Carsyn and I got a Thank You in the mail...from a 7 year old. As y'all know, my BFF Lindsay lives in Bowling Green. Carsyn and I recently went to her 7th birthday party. Instead of getting her a random gift, we gave her cash so she could pick out something on her own. (Ok, maybe I just ran out of time and I knew she wouldn't mind, ha!) Well, we had a great time and honestly, I haven't thought any more about it, until yesterday.

When I got home from work, I went to the mailbox like I always do. Some magazine that I'll never read, a few sales ads, two bills and a cute little card awaited me. Of course, I opened the cute little card first, ha! To my surprise it was from Sidney! In her own 7 year-old handwriting was a sweet Thank You note. It thanked us for her present and even included a little personal sentiment for Carsyn. Yes, from a 7 year-old! I was impressed at her and a little disappointed in myself.

Sidney's Thank You Note

When did it become ok to stop sending Thank You's? When did it become ok to send a text message or to post on someone's Facebook wall that they were appreciated? Call me old-fashioned or a Southern Belle, but I don't think it's ok that Thank You notes tend to be forgotten. I'm just as guilty as everyone else is when it comes to the matter. But, let's change that!

The next time someone does something nice for you, get out a pen, dust off that monogrammed stationary and take the time to say Thank You. Don't you think that if someone has the time to go out and get you a gift or do something nice for you, that you should take the time to properly say Thanks? Yep, me too! Even though I may have slacked lately, I'm going to get the Thanks to the people in my life that make me smile!