It takes something special to get me out of bed at 5:30am on a Sunday morning.  I spend Monday through Friday waking up at the "behind" crack of dawn, so I like to sleep in on the weekend if I can!  But on Sunday, I pried myself out of my bed and away from my body pillow for something VERY special!  I ventured down to the riverfront in Calhoun to emcee the opening ceremonies of the 14th Annual TREK to benefit the St. Joseph's Peace Mission for Children.  Hundreds joined to bike, walk and run the 13-mile TREK from Calhoun to David Yewell's house on Hwy 56 in West Louisville.  Along the TREK, I caught up with and walked alongside David, the man who dreamed this event years ago and continues to enjoy its growth and success!   In the video, David shares memories of his very first TREK, his thoughts about its evolution, and his commitment to the Peace Mission.

David's commitment is definitely paying off.  This year's TREK has raised over $27,000 and money is still rolling in.  The goal is $40,000 and David says it's possible we'll achieve that over the next few weeks and months!  That's terrific news and a big "congrats" goes out to everyone who made the TREK and fundraised for the event!

As for the TREK, you should make your plans to attend the 15th annual event next June!  It's an absolute blast!  You can bike, run, or walk 13 miles from the river in Calhoun up to Hwy 815.  From there, we head to Hwy 56 for a big party and cookout at David's house on Hwy 56 in West Louisville!  Yep!  It really is a "trek", but one you can make with friends, family, or co-workers.  Heck, you can even fly solo if you wish! 

If you do take the TREK, there are a few faces you'll come to know!  You'll see Barney the Dog,who's 20-years-old and, this year, took his 10th TREK!  Barney, because of his age, can't walk the entire course like he used to . . . but now gets to ride it in a doggy cart!  (This year he howled all the way through the invocation.  He was ready to GO!!)  You'll see Daviess County Sheriff Keith Cain, who takes on the peaks and valleys of Hwy 815 every single year and ALWAYS finishes!  You'll see some of the Girl Scouts from Susan Montalvo-Gesser's troop.  Before the TREK, they lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem, then climb on their bikes and hit the road and take on the TREK too!  Some of them struggle to bike up the hills, but they manage . . . even if it means getting off the bike and pushing it up and over the inclines. 

And you'll see Fun Becky!!  If you guys listen to WBKR regularly, you know that our good friend Becky shows up anytime she can have fun (Ky State Fair/Road War) or have fun while supporting a great cause.  And, this year, Becky joined us for another TREK and I walked alongside her to get her thoughts as she was chugging along HWY 815 with her friends George and Janet!

The 14th Annual TREK is in the books, but plans are already underway for the 15th!  WBKR will be there and we want to see you "trekking" too!  Again, proceeds raised benefit the St. Joseph's Peace Mission for Children and that fundraising effort continues year-round.  And YOU can be a part of it anytime!  To learn more about the Mission, the youngsters it serves and the complete services provided, visit the website!