My Mother is more up to date on technology than my Father is, having said that, I got to hear a few stories of "Back In My Day" from Dad.  He would ramble on about how he doesn't need a cell phone because back in his day the only thing that connected people was pavement and a bicycle... I usually fired back with "Well that just sounds awful."

Think about a few things that you have said to your kids or grand kids.  "Back in my day we got our entertainment from the radio" or "Back in my day we had to walk places and hope it wouldn't rain." Or maybe as the picture exclaims "We sure are lucky to have motors on these wheel chairs, our parents had to make them move by themselves".

But what about in 10-15 years when the new generation is up and ready to start making their own decisions?  What are people my age (23) going to say?  I've already got a few lined up for my future kids.

Here are some good ones.

1.  Back in my day, we used dial-up Internet.  It was slow, you got charged by the minute, you lost your connection if someone picked up a phone in the house, and it made horrible screeching noises when you connected.


2.  Back in my day, if we wanted to watch a movie, we had to drive to the video store to rent it.  If their one copy was checked out, you picked something else.  And then, when we were done, we had to rewind it so we wouldn't get charged extra.

3.  Back in my day, if you wanted to talk to a girl, you had to call her house and talk to her parents first.


4.  Back in my day, if a kid was picking on you at school, your dad told you that you better learn how to fight... not file a lawsuit against him.


5.  Back in my day, if we needed directions, we had to look them up on a map before we left the house.  And if we got lost, we had to find a gas station where we could ask for directions that were probably not very good.

6. Back in my day,  flip phones were the coolest things in the world.