This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Trunnell's Farm Market in Owensboro is hosting the Fall Squash-n-Pumpkin Gobble and one of the festival's featured events is the All-You-Can-Carry Pumpkin Sale.  You can get all the pumpkins you can carry for just $25.  So, I decided to film a little tutorial.  Goal #1-  To show you how to get most the bang for your buck.  Goal #2-  Do this without ripping the mesh off my repaired hernia.   WATCH!

In addition to the All-You-Can-Carry-for-$25 Pumpkin Sale, Trunnell's is also offering an All-You-Can-Pull for Half Price Sale.  Just load up a Trunnell's wagon with as many pumpkins as you can and you'll get them all for half price.  If you're determined to make this work and get A LOT of pumpkins, you may look a little like this . . .


Yep!  That's gonna leave a mark.  And by "mark", I mean a hernia stitch (or seven)!

Don't miss Trunnell's pumpkin sale today, Saturday and Sunday!