Sometimes, as adults, we tend to allow ourselves to get reaaaaly stressed out. We have a tendency to let the little things in life bring us down and ruin our day. Then, we end up on some form of furniture... a nice couch talking to a therapist or a massage table trying to relax. Here recently, I have found the BEST (and cheapest) therapy you can find.

COLORING!! Yes, coloring is extremely therapeutic. Carsyn has really started to enjoy coloring and can actually color for more than 1.5 minutes at a time. Last night, we colored for almost 30 minutes! I made myself take the time to stop doing the dishes, turn the tv down, lay in the floor with her and color.

It...Was...Awesome! After I (very nicely) colored my pony picture, I stood up feeling calm and refreshed. Seriously, it was nice.

So, the next time you feel like you're about to lose it, grab a box of Crayola's and a good coloring book. Trust me, you'll feel much better!