Hey, Gang.  I am on location today at Reid's Orchard with a preview of THE BIG O MUSIC FEST, coming up Saturday!  If you have your tickets, you'll see the stage first-hand TOMORROW (sorry about the Chris Young pun!  LOL!) when some of your favorite country artists, including Chris Young and Dierks Bentley, get on it and rock it out!  But I thought I would give you a sneak peak behind the scenes and show you what the stage looks like as it's being built!

This year's stage for THE BIG O is the biggest they have ever had!  As you can see, it takes an enormous team of sound guys and stagehands to get it ready for the big show!  And, it's HOT today!  These boys are sweating like Whitney Houston at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting!

Yep!  You're seeing that correctly.  Those are three GINORMOUS generators behind the stage!  Without them, THE BIG O MUSIC FEST would look like a gigantic mime convention!  And Mudd River Union, Sarah Darling, Steve Holy, David Nail, Jake Owen, Colt Ford, Chris Young, and Dierks Bentley would all be in "white-face" and demonstrating "the wall" and performing rope illusions.

Yep!  That's the Bakos Party Rentals hospitality tent where The Big O Stars will be hanging out tomorrow, staying cool, eating some great Ole South BBQ, and drinking refreshing non-alcholic beverages (insert laughter and images of me rolling my eyes in disbelief).  Jaclyn, Monica the Twitter Gal and I will all be backstage tomorrow . . . cameras and video recorders in hand . . . capturing all the backstage action for your viewing pleasure!  We're like freaking TMZ!!

Don't miss THE BIG O MUSIC FEST.  General admission tickets are still available.  They're $39.50 and you can get them at Maloney's Rocabar on Hwy 54, the Big O Music Fest website, and Saturday at the gate!

We'll see you at the show!