I love birds. I love to watch them flying around. I love listening to them when I walk to my car in the mornings. I DO NOT love birds flying past my head at about 98 mph! I DO NOT like having to watch my back every time I walk out my back door.

Well, looks like I'm not going to be entering and exiting my house for a while. It appears that a Momma bird has decided that my exterior speakers are where her little baby birds will be introduced to this world!

Carsyn was the first to notice the nest. Of course she was, she is the child version of Dr. Doolittle, ha! And, she looooves that the birdies are so close to the house. She even asks me to hold her up so she can say "hi" to the little baby birds!


Here's the thing.... I don't know if we're bothering them. (Don't worry about the fact that the birds aren't paying the mortgage, ha!) That's the way we enter and leave our house and I'm afraid it scares the birds when the door opens and closes. But, I'll be honest... it's going to be reaaaaly inconvenient to enter and exit through the front door. And, technically, Mr. and Mrs. Birdie are trespassing on our property, right?!? Haha!

Ok, ok... before you call PETA on me, I'll do my best to not bother the birds. But, the first time one of them swoops at mine, Carsyn's or Clyde's head...I'm serving them with an eviction notice!