They say when you die, "you can't take it with you." Well, what do THEY know? Clearly not as much as Bob Monkhouse. Before the late British comedian succumbed to prostate cancer, he conceived of a way to convey important messages to the living, post mortem. Voila...DeadSocial.

DeadSocial will allow users to add messages to a calendar that, kind of like a time release capsule, will post to selected social media sites once the user has passed away. Monkhouse clearly devised this site as a public service, but I don't imagine it would take long before folks are doing it strictly for fun.

And, I guess, why not? Actually, the whole thing's kind of creepy to me. Probably morbid, too. But I also have no way of speaking to Monkhouse's state of mind at the time of this idea's birth; he gets the benefit of the doubt.

Posting to Facebook and Twitter after you die--immortality via social media. Can't say I'm terribly surprised.