So now that the bridge is opened back up here in Owensboro, the convenience level has risen.  I had never crossed it before it closed down in May so I didn't get the full effect of it's time saving abilities.

Yesterday it came in handy on a trip to Boonville Indiana.  I was on location for WBKR and that thing really does save some time.  But the scariest part was right about the middle of ole' big blue.  THAT THING IS NARROW!  I'm driving a full size Chevy Express Van and when another car comes to pass by, it felt like I was just clinching my fists and hoping for the best.  Also the bridge back home is a 4 lane bridge so I can't see water on both sides.  I felt like my tires were hanging off both sides.

On a good note though, it is handy.  And it opened up just in time for the holiday season!