My name is Chad and I am a Coke head.  And, now, my addiction is getting worse.  About two weeks ago, I popped into Zaxby's for the first time in ages.  And, there, I discovered what may be the best invention of this century!  The Coca Cola Freestyle Machine!  Have you all seen this thing?

Just look at it!  In all its wonder.  Is this how Ponce de Leon felt when he found the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine, Florida?  Likely?  The only difference is the water from the Fountain of Youth tastes like swill (I know because I took a tour of it, tasted it and spit out on other members of my tour group).  But THIS fountain squirts out the nectar of the gods!

Okay, here's the truth.  Though I try really hard not to pound them back like Jaclyn hammers back beers, I love soft drinks.  And my two favorites are probably traditional vanilla and cherry cokes (not the brands, but the old-fashioned soda fountain vanilla and cherry cokes with a real splash of vanilla and a real splash of cherry).  And now, you can get them from this machine!! Cue the choir of angels.  Hark!  I hear them singing and burping from the carbonation.

See the photo above?  Notice how my Coke looks green.  I normally avoid any liquid that has a green tint because that just seems wrong and abominable.  But, this particular 16-ounce delight is green because I commanded it so with a push of a button on a computer screen.  I added lime to it.  Yes!  LIME!!!  I made a lime Coke and it made my toes curl, which, come to think of it, likely made everyone around me at Zaxby's rather uncomfortable.

But here's the deal.  They need to get over it and jump on this bandwagon.  The options with the Coca Cola Freestyle Machine are basically limitless.

According to my table tent, there are over 100 options and I personally can't wait to go back to this machine and milk the thing for all it's worth.  I am serious.  Who needs a cup?  I will saddle up to that thing and treat it like a cow udder!

So, Santa Claus, if you're listening.  If you're making a list and checking it twice.  If you wanna know what Tad wants for Christmas, this is most definitely it.  I have a spot in my kitchen it would look great in.

So, bring it, Santa!  Coca Cola Freestyle!