We've all been there... it's midnight, you've just gotten into bed and you hear something in the living room. If you have a man with you, of course you send him to see what's going on. If you don't, you gingerly creep thru the hallway into the living room only to find that the light-up wand you bought your four year-old from the circus is having some battery issues and is turning on and off at will. Know what I'm talking about?!? So creepy, ha!

Well, I have a toy in my house that's creepier than that! Don't believe me... take a look and see! How would you feel about THIS staring at you when you wake up from a lovely nap on the couch??


Yep, that's Kim. She is a gift from my Dad's girlfriend to Carsyn. She's a hair-fixing doll that you attach to the end of a table to practice your beautician skills on. I swear she follows me around the room. For real.

I would throw her away, but I'm afraid she'll just keep showing up in random places in my house! Until I get the courage to discard of her, I'll just keep putting her in the baby-doll playpen with a blanket over her face. Don't you dare judge me...