I recently re-joined Netflix this year and mainly because they have great original series, I highly recommend Orange is the New Black, but they also still stream some of my favorite movies. Alas, beginning Wednesday, the streaming service will begin removing dozens of movies and a few TV series.

Honestly, it's not going to be that big of a deal for me. I still occasionally will watch a DVD, which those are becoming virtually extinct, but they work. So, not to be too upset, here are some of my favorites which will be gone. Warning: some of these are guilty pleasures and I'm not ashamed to tell you I love them. Here we go.

Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo

See what I mean? The original film, which is not great, but far superior to its sequel is not on Netflix either. This is a movie I would watch whenever it came on HBO, yet the network would also never air the first movie. So I spent endless hours becoming invested in the TKO crew's efforts to save their community center from becoming a shopping mall. I wonder if rapper/actor Ice-T has any regrets? He was in both movies.

Being John Malkovich

This one is very weird, and it won't the first weird one you see on the list. Not only is it brilliant writing, directing, and acting, it's very funny. Just don't watch it too late at night.

True Grit (1969)

Who doesn't love John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn? It's the role for which Wayne won his only Oscar. Even though I did like the new version, this one is just flat-out better. Add Glen Campbell to boot.


Talk Radio

I'm a little biased, but this truly is a great movie. Eric Bogosian plays talk radio host Barry Champlain in this story based on his play of the same name. Luckily, I own a copy of this one. Oliver Stone directed this thriller from 1988.


Will my "heart go on"? Sure, but if you have been wanting to watch this Oscar winner again, you better hurry. What is it about Leonardo DiCaprio and three-hour movies?

Finally, these TV series will be disappearing: the original Dark Shadows, Saturday Night Live The 2000s, Mr. Bean, and The Kids In The Hall. This is a good sign as the service might perhaps be making room for newer seasons of hit shows.