Put on some coveralls.  Black out your front teeth.  Hold hands with your cousins.  Stare at a goat like you want to ask it to prom.   And let the games begin!!  LOL!  The Hillbilly Alympics are returning to Diamond Lake Campground and Resort THIS WEEKEND.  Just as the real Olympic games get underway NEXT Saturday in London, the Alympic games will get underway THIS Saturday in West Louisville.  But forget swimming, gymnastics, water polo and track and field!  At the Hillbilly Alympics, you'll find a whole new set of sports.

The Hillbilly Alympics are open to everyone and you're invited to compete in the following events. . .

Toilet Seat Horseshoes

Tire Tossing

The Toilet Paper Relay

Wheelbarrow Racing

Hay Bale Rolling

In true Olympic-style, gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded, but don't think you're going to get to STAND proudly atop a podium.  No!  You'll have to SIT proudly atop a toilet on the podium if you're a medalist.

It's going to be GREAT fun for the whole family.  So, don't miss the Hillbilly Alympics!  For more information about the event and how to enter, CLICK HERE!