We all know the pain of thank you notes. Look back to graduation or your wedding... the flashbacks of wrist cramps and semi-permanent ink-stains on the side of my hand are slowly creeping back into memory. I can remember writing hundreds of those dang things and I'm pretty sure the only reason I got them finished quickly is so my sweet-southern Mother would stop nagging me, ha! (Love you, Mom!)

In a world of constant texting and quick emails, hand-written thank-you's tend to be forgotten. So, you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when Chad and I got a beautiful card in the mail at work today. Seriously... someone took some time on this one!

Take a look for yourself!


I was so impressed with the writing on the envelope that I opened it with a letter-opener, didn't want to ruin it! The calligraphy is beautiful and they even used a wax seal on the back!

The inside is just as nice! Chad and I were speakers on a panel at last weekend's St. Jude Country Cares seminar and this is a note from (we think) Big D. (Yes, the Big D from the Big D and Bubba Show) He was the moderator for our panel and we've really enjoyed working with him the last two years.

I think it's time to bring the thank you notes back! Don't you agree?!? Now, mine won't be near as impressive as this one, but I think the time, effort and kind words put into the card are what matters.