There aren't very many reality shows I consider appointment television. In fact, I have two: Survivor and The Amazing Race, which premiered Sunday night for its Spring 2011 season. If you're unfamiliar with the Race, 10 to 12 teams of two follow clues and complete challenges in a race around the world. At season's end, the first team across the finish line wins $1 million.  Usually, by the end of the first episode, I've chosen my favorite. And just like last fall, this season it's no contest.

My favorite team is the Morganfield, Kentucky father-daughter duo Gary and Mallory Ervin. And why, you might wonder, have they been chosen to appear on two consecutive seasons? Well, this season is called The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business. It's an all-stars version of the Emmy-winning reality program. Twelve teams that lost in their previous seasons are back to compete to win it all. Gary and Mallory finished sixth last fall and are back to collect that million this time around. And on this season's premiere, an unusual turn of events put them in position to come in first on Sunday night's leg. And that was very important because they received what's called an Express Pass for their first place finish. With that Express Pass, they will be able to forgo a future challenge during the race and that will give them a huge advantage going forward. And going forward, we wish Team Morganfield--Gary and Mallory Ervin--all the best. I'd say "break a leg," but they're in a race. They need all the legs they can get.