Confession time. Thanks to YouTube and Netflix, I religiously watch old episodes of the cult TV hit 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'. If I could pick any dream job, it would be to write riffs for TV and movies. I will catch myself watching any show and I will come up with witty commentary. Mostly for self-indulgence, hey, I have to start somewhere! So when I read some of the guys from the old show would be riffing Nat Geo shows, I went nuts!

Some background info. The original 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' series started out as a local cable access show in Minnesota, it then made the jump to the big time by landing on Comedy Central in the early 90s. The last season aired on Sci Fi in 1999. I remember just happening to catch it on random Saturday mornings. Then, it disappeared. It wasn't until 2006, when MST3K cast members/writers Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, who played Tom Servo on the old series, and Bill Corbett, who played Crow T. Robot for the last couple of seasons, decided to reunite and start up riffing old movies again. First, the guys did the short-lived 'The Film Crew' series that went straight to DVD, and soon after, Nelson created the website Rifftrax which not only delivers DVD and streaming commentaries for old movies, the site provides riffs for some of today's biggest blockbusters like the Harry Potter series, all the 'Star Wars' movies, and, gulp, the 'Twilight' movies. Hilarious stuff!

Now, the Rifftrax crew is bringing their hilarity to the Nat Geo channel. This April Fool's Day, why not?, the guys will be riffing moments from some of the channel's extreme series in a show called 'Total Riff Off'. In this clip, the guys take on 'Man vs. Monster'.

Set your DVRs! 'Total Riff Off' airs on the Nat Geo channel Tuesday night with three episodes starting at 7pm. I can't wait!