It's cold outside. Like wear thirteen layers just to take the trash out cold. So, I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who's not taking their dog for a walk these days. Turns out a girlfriend of mine is a much better fur-Mommy than I am. (Shocker, ha!)

Her sweet dog Zoe LOVES to go for runs. They normally run three to four miles a day, but with the ice covering the roads, Momma's Nike's just don't have the footing for her to run. So, she found an alternate way to take Zoe for her daily run.

Check it out!

Best idea ever? I think so!! Now, don't anyone get upset. Zoe is on a 20 ft leash and her owner takes her for a run at 11:00pm while there is no traffic in their neighborhood. Zoe gets her daily runs and her Momma doesn't have to risk hurting herself on the icy roadways. It's s win-win situation for sweet Zoe and her creative Mom!