If you venture out into the hot, hot world today stop in a cool place....E&L Pets on South Frederica St. The Owensboro Humane Society and E&L Pets are looking for loving homes for orphaned pets today from 11AM to 2PM. These little guys are looking for love so whatta ya say? I have three dogs and all of them came to me second hand. From personal experience I can say honestly that there is nothing better on a down day than having a fuzzy friends comfort. They don't talk back, always listen, and they're cuddling skills are top notch. The Humane Society here in Owensboro is an amazing organization and they really care about the animals they take in. When you adopt from the Owensboro Humane Society you not only improve the life of an animal but you help support an indispensable asset to our community. Stop in E&L Pets and see for yourself. I can honestly promise that it will be love at first sight!!!!