I have already shared the video of the 2014 Polar Bear PUSH!  Yes, I have renamed the "Plunge" the "Push" because my friend David Bristow, from Southern Star, offered up $100 to Special Olympics Kentucky if he could PUSH me into the 12-degree water.  And while the video is hilarious, it doesn't quite capture the play-by-play like these photos from Mark Smith Photography.  Check these out.  Mark totally captured the sequence of events!

While I don't have the "after" shots to share with you . . . just know this.  I was WET and COLD and SHIVERING!!!!!!

Thanks to Mark Smith for serving as one of our official event photographers for the 2014 Polar Bear Plunge!  And thanks to the 157 other plungers who helped raise nearly $30,000 for Special Olympics Kentucky!