A couple of weeks ago, Jaclyn and I went to St. Wendel Catholic School to collect the $3,800.00 Mr. Ryan Nowak's 3rd grade class raised for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  But, our trip wasn't all business.  In fact, we challenged the kids to a pretty serious game of egg toss that unfolded with all the intensity of a riveting sports drama and Olympic pursuit.  Check this out!

So, Jaclyn and I were holding our own against the 3rd grade class.  So were Jordan the Intern and Amy Ketchum, our ASLAC/St. Jude rep from Louisville, who drove to Wadesville for the big check presentation.

But, our two lines were moving further and further apart and the pressure was mounting!

And, finally, we were down to just a handful of survivors?  Were Jac and I still in the hunt?

Congrats to Jordan the Intern and Amy, who tied for the Egg Toss Championship!  And, on behalf of Jaclyn, myself and all the other folks who bowed out early, we are sorry that we smelled like rotten eggs.  UGH!