We are just days away from our first-ever Sweatin' for St. Jude event and Jaclyn and I are gearing up to spend 12 hours on side-by-side treadmills at the Owensboro Family YMCA.  To give you an idea of what to expect, Jac and I went over to the Y to become acquainted with our treadmills and pose for some publicity shots.  And, naturally, it was a hot mess.

Here we are stretching and loosening up for the big shoot!  What form!  What beauty?  What groin strain!

And a little more!  Notice how serious and committed Jaclyn looks in this photo and how thoroughly constipated I look.  Fiber One bar, anyone?

Now, look at this piece of work.  Always thinking she's on the cover of Teen Magazine, here's Jaclyn . . .

She's so photogenic it makes me want to barf in the floor!  Right there in the Y.  But, then again, look at this stud!

That's right!  You can't find guns like those at Whitaker's!

Uh, I'm sorry.  How did this picture get taken?

It didn't take long in the shoot for Jac and I to start feeling the burn.  After all, what we are trying to accomplish is insane, really.  Jac's nearly walking a marathon.  And I am walking/running a 50-miler.  And we're feeling overwhelmed by the occasion and thought of it.

And this is what we fully anticipate feeling like on Monday after we've logged about ten miles a piece.

After 15 . . .

And after 25 . . .

I saw some seals perform once at Sea World in San Diego and that's exactly what Jaclyn reminds me of in this photo.  I want to throw a minnow in her mouth and see if she can roll over and balance a beach ball on her snout.

LOL!  Sweatin' for St. Jude is Monday, February 24th from 7am to 7p at the Owensboro Family YMCA.  You can follow all the action live at 92.5 WBKR and online with our Weedman Webcam at WBKR.com.

And we MUST thank our generous sponsors who have agreed to donate $2 for every mile we walk to St. Jude: Vantage Oncology, Murphy Appliance, Fetta, Gordon's True Value, Benny's Flooring, Parkway Pools, The Scrub Shoppe, Shammy's and Terry's Tees!

Can Jaclyn walk 25 miles?  Can I reach my goal of 50?  Tune in to see!!