The fan base for the University of Kentucky basketball program has been called the nation's most passionate. It may even be the largest.

I do know that when a televised Kentucky game (and there have been a few) in which the 'Cats have had to travel, the fans show up in droves. Hawaii, Portland, New York City. It doesn't matter. Big Blue Nation will be there.

So, it's no surprise that that passion would generate this kind of excitement. I basketball columns all the time, and the writers never cease to marvel at how Kentucky fans will camp out for tickets to what is essentially a PRACTICE. And the tickets won't even be distributed until Saturday.

But when you're passionate about a sport, it shouldn't be that surprising. When spring football comes around, Alabama fans are apoplectic. Yankees fans can't wait to see those pin stripes at the beginning of April.

That's just sports.

And a swarm of blue-clad UK fans jockeying for locations to place their tents or lawn chairs or whatever else they might bring is just par for the course at the beginning of October.

Big Blue Madness will held at Rupp Arena on October 18th.