Are you a screenwriter waiting to be discovered? Do you have a script that's been burning a hole in your desk drawer, or wherever you've been keeping it? Well, as long as it's set in a library, then, now's your time to shine.

Verite Cinema and the Daviess County Public Library are proud to present the Unscripted 3: Screenwriting Contest.

P.J. Starks' production house and the public library are doing something a little different as they prepare to kick off their popular six-week film series. Local and regional screenwriters will be given the opportunity to see their work produced by way of an overnight film school element set to begin in January of 2014.

Writers are being asked to send in a script for a short film based around a library setting. Two scripts will be selected by a panel of judges after the November 30th deadline.

The scripts will be the foundation for two short films that will be produced during the Unscripted 3: Film School competition on January 4th. Rules, information, and submission guidelines are available at