Moon here. Chad's gone and I don't watch The Voice. Steve Thompson does. And, here's his review of last night's show.

The Voice: Battle Fatigue

Here's my quick take on what went down inMonday night's episode...

51 year old Geoff McBride takes on Sera Hill to sing Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin.
Does Christina think age will get votes? Evidently not. Sera Hill advances to the live shows and Geoff has been trampled by a diva in training.

Lindsay Pavao takes on Lee Koch to sing Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana. I'm not surprised Blake
has never heard of the song-- I've never even thought of Blake Shelton and Kurt Cobain in the same sentence. Christina chooses Lindsay.

Yet somehow, Blake has heard of a group called Foster the People. Go figure. Lex Lands and Charlotte.

Sometimes battle over the song Pumped Up Kicks. Lex Lands is blown out of the water by Charlotte and Blake chooses her.

Whitney Myer and 51 year old Kim Yarborough battle with the song No Drama. The feeling here is
that Whitney must have been too young for drama and the voice of experience is chosen by Adam.

Juliet "She Should Fire Her Dressmaker" Simms and Sarah G battle over Stay with Me.

Now what are the odds that the two music reality shows currently on the air would actually choose the same old Rod Stewart song? I much preferred Skylar Laine's version over on Idol last week. However, Cee-Lo chooses Juliet.

Jamar Rogers and Jamie Lono sing I Want to Know What Love Is. Great song-- but not as sung by
Jamie Lono. Jamar mops the floor with him and Cee-Lo's decision is probably the biggest no-brainer of the evening.

I'll be more than happy when the live shows start. More battle rounds next week.

You've been warned.

@March 12, 2012 Stephen W Thompson