Yesterday, the WBKR staff closed up shot early and headed to Studio Slant in downtown Owensboro for our version of their popular Canvas & Cocktails party.  And my friend and party hostess Mary-Katherine Maddox helped us paint portraits of the Blue Bridge. 

Here's how we each began the afternoon.

Here's the midway point when I realized that I was actually going to be able to do this.  My fear the whole time was that my painting would end up looking like that bridge that collapsed in the movie The Mothman Prophecies.

And, yes!  Since I didn't want to paint the Ohio River water (because it's disgusting and you just never know what you'll see floating by), I decided to paint grass at the foot of my bridge!  And, since we're in Kentucky, there's a little "bluegrass" thrown in to.  Or maybe it's hemp.

And, the final product . . .

Okay, I realize that this will never hang in the Louvre.  Or the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art.  Or the art room at Newton Parrish Elementary for that matter.  However, I am pretty proud of my first ever painting.  And, the next time Ron Payne declares a Bridge Day in downtown Owensboro . . . I am going to take my painting.  I painted it a heckuva lost faster than the real thing got painted!

Thanks, Studio Slant!  We had a great time.  You guys should check out the Canvas & Cocktails parties too.  270-684-3570!