It's finished!  And we can't wait for you guys to hear it!  The 8th Annual WBKR/St. Jude Radiothon presented by Poole's Pharmacy care is coming up Thursday and Friday and we are set to unveil our brand new St. Jude anthem for this year's event!  It's called "There's Another Star in the Sky!"

For weeks, Jaclyn and I have been in the studio with our buddy, Matt Gray from Gray Sky Music here in Owensboro!  Matt graciously donated his time and talents to this project!  Not only did he serve as producer, he helped write and arrange this, our 3rd original song inspired by St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis!

"There's Another Star in the Sky" is inspired by the story of Robert Cunningham.  Robert, from Butler County, KY, was a patient at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital who battled bravely before losing his fight with cancer.  We were introduced to Robert's story last year during our St. Jude Radiothon as we chatted with his mother, Kim.  At that time, Robert was awaiting a bone marrow transplant that was being delayed because of infections taking advantage of Robert's very compromised immune system.  Robert continued to battle, but passed away in the summer of 2010. 

While Robert is no longer with us, his story and spirit remain.   Jaclyn and I were quite touched last summer when the Cunningham family asked if they could play our song "Soar" at his funeral.  Naturally, we were honored and quickly said, through tears and lumps in our throats, "Yes!  Of course."

You'll be hearing from Robert's mom, Kim, during this year's event and you'll also be hearing about a chilling coincidence involving our new St. Jude song and a book that Robert's story will be a part of.  You will be blown away!

As for our new song, we are very proud of "There's Another Star in the Sky" and have to give HUGE shout-outs to Matt Gray at Gray Sky Music for donating his great, infinite talents to this project.  Matt produced the song, played instruments and even sang in our choir!  Another big thanks to Katie Beste.  Katie is an amazing talent and has performed on all three of our original St. Jude songs.  Her voice truly "soars" and we are thankful that Katie is a part of our mission!   And, another huge thanks to Teresa Cook (a.k.a. Kizzy).  You guys know that Kizzy is an absolute, hysterical mess, but you may not know that her alter-ego Teresa can flat out sing her booty off!  And, you'll hear her loud and proud in "There's Another Star in the Sky!"   

As in years past, we'll be "selling" copies of our new St. Jude song for donations to the hospital and they'll be available on Thursday and Friday!  If you want a copy, let us know and we'll get you hooked up!  We hope that the song educates you about the mission of St. Jude Children's Research and inspires you to become a St. Jud Partner-In-Hope and contribute to this wonderful cause.

I have been involved with St. Jude now for 8 years now and it truly has changed the way that I look at life.  Trust me.  If you make the decision to join us and support the fight against childhood cancers, you're gonna feel the same way.  St. Jude, though it's a children's hospital, is fighting for the greater good of us all!