Let me just break it down for you... I LOVE SUMMER!! Yep...I think that got the point across, haha!  But, there are just some things that are way more fun than others...here are some of my favorite summer things!! 

#8 - Popsicicles!!! Yummy!! No explanation needed!! (Ball park ones are the best!! We always had the ones that you had to cut in the middle!!)

#7 - Summer Fashion - I LOVE fun dresses with sandals, cut-offs and a tank, cute little baby's in bubbles... Just put Carsyn in one today, precious!!

#6 - Carefree Attitudes & Summer Romance - Ok, so the summer romance thing is only cool IF you are single, haha! Don't you think you act a little more fun in the summertime?? I know I do!

#5 - Cookouts/Family Get-togethers - I LOVE being with my family! And, there's nothing better than 90 degree heat, something yummy on the grill, an nice cold beverage in hand!!, a heated game of corn hole and chatting it up with people you haven't seen in months or more!!

#4 - 4th of July - I really do plan out my outfit for the 4th...not that you're surprised! I love to celebrate my country!! (USA! USA! USA!) Maybe it's the fireworks....but, i really think the 4th is a magical day!

#3 - Lightin' Bugs - Normally, as y'all know, I don't like any bugs! But, these are an exception! I just love sittin around outside when the sun is going down and you see the first one....you know how excited you get, right?!?! And, who didn't catch them and put em in a Mason jar that your grandad poked holes in the top with his pocket knife?!? I think that lightnin' bugs are the closest things to a fairy that we're gonna see!!

#2 - The Drive-In - (Ok...I know Chad's gonna comment on this one, haha!) But, really...there's something really vintage about going to the drive-in. Nothing like gettin out your lawn chairs, maybe having a blanket for two?!?! Ha! And, what about those drive-in snacks....awesome!

#1 - WATERMELON!!! Hands down...my fav summer accessory!! I could, and normally do in the summertime, eat watermelon at least once a day! For sure my favorite food!! The only person that may like it more than me is my older sister! We can cut one in half, head outside to the picnic table, and I swanny...we could solve the world's problems!! Maybe that's why I like it so much??

These are a few honorable mentions.... heat lightning, playing in sprinklers, wedding season and going to the river/lake...

What's your favorite thing about the summer??