Pictures with Santa? Sure, we all took them as kids, with our siblings, until about age nine or ten, right? Well, not these two brothers! I'm loving this photo collection of two brothers (now, with kids of their own) that have photos with Santa, 34 straight years. Yes, 34 straight years. I think my favorite is 1987, the Santa in that pic really cracks me up!

Take a look at the photos and full story from Chris Chaberski. I'm so mad at my sister and me for stopping our photos with Santa when I was in middle school. This could have been us, ha!


This is fantastic: a family tradition that started 34 years ago and still going strong, now with another generation.

A family took a picture of their son sitting with Santa. When he had a little brother, they both had their pictures taken with Santa, a tradition that continued for 34 years. And now, the brothers have added their own children to the photos with Santa.

Merry Christmas!

[Imgur via Reddit]