Yesterday at church while I was waiting to check Carsyn into "Sunday School", I noticed a new mother in front of us in line. She was holding a very new baby, I'm guessing she couldn't have been older than 6 weeks or so. While I was admiring that little bundle of preciousness (and praying that Carsyn didn't go straight for her), I witness not one, but two women ask this new Mom a question that should never be asked! Now, as my inner-redneck struggled to explode on these women, I started thinking about questions and comment that you should NEVER say to a new mother.

#1 You look tired! Are you sleeping?  (What the new mom in front of me was asked twice!)

Ummm.... I have a brand new baby and other children at home, No! I am not sleeping, but thank you for pointing out how bad I look, I appreciate it!

#2 You named him/her WHAT?!?!

Newsflash people.... maybe you don't agree with what someone named their child. Maybe you wish that your son and daughter-in-law would have named your grand-daughter after your Aunt Gertrude, but here's the deal... it's THEIR baby! Not yours! (Sorry, but sometimes people forget! Ha!) Who cares if you don't like what someone else named their baby, it's theirs and I'm pretty sure they like it! :)

#3. You're not breastfeeding?

Repeat after me... "To each his own". Sometimes nursing isn't as easy as it looks in the books, sometimes a Mother simply can't nurse for one reason or another and God forbid, sometimes a Mother just chooses not to. Ha! We all put enough pressure on our choices as parents as it is, the last thing we need is someone else making us feel bad for a decision we've made for our child.

#4. How's losing that baby weight working out for you?

It's never a good idea to ask anyone when they're going to start losing weight, especially a new mom! She's hungry, sleep-deprived and probably hasn't showered in a few days. She may come at you and not in a good way, ha!

#5 When are you due?

I can remember hearing horror stories of my friends having emotional breakdowns after they had delivered their babies because people had asked them when they were due. So, I made sure to carry Carsyn everywhere with me after she was born, ha! When in doubt, DON'T ask! It's just a safer situation for all involved!

So, all you moms out there, did I miss any No-No-questions?!?