This weekend is the traditional International BBQ Festival in downtown Owensboro. Yesterday, Chad and I broadcast live from the event. Now, we all know, there are a few things you're bound to see walking those downtown streets. We had made a short list earlier in the week and I was eager to see how many of those things that I would see in just four short hours. Well, unfortunately I did see some of those things, take a look for yourself...

A girl in a tube top or a belly shirt

Ok, ladies, I understand, it may actually get up to 70 degrees today, but do you really need a tube top on? I've never understood belly shirts, even when I had the belly to wear one! So, did I see one yesterday?!? Heck yeah I did! Within being there for 15 minutes, Little Miss No Shirt came strut-in by..... it's just never a good idea, ha!



A pregnant woman smoking

I have several pet peeves, I admit it, but a pregnant woman smoking is probably my biggest. Look, here's the deal, if you want to put poison in your body, whatever, go for it... But, to harm your baby?!? That's just wrong! It's extremely irresponsible and I have been known to tell someone doing it that they should stop. Thank goodness I didn't see anyone smoking yesterday, probably wouldn't have been a good idea for me to go Judge Judy on someone while representing the station, ha!


A fanny pack

Ever since the beginning of time, no fanny pack has ever been cool. Seriously, I'll tell you like I tell my own Mother, "I don't care how handy it is, it's the worst thing I've ever seen." Did I see a fanny pack?!? Lord yes, I lost count at 4:15pm! Ha!

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A man who really needs to be wearing a shirt

Why is it that the men who don't need to take their shirt off do and the men we want to take their shirt off, don't?!?! I guess it's the same mystery as ladies who wear tube tops? Ha! It never fails that when the temp hits about 72, someone feels the need to show the world that they have the greatest beer-belly in the whole Tri-State! Maybe we should throw that into the meat judging contest?!?


A fight

Every....stinkin...time. Ugh, it never fails when there is an event, with beer and boys, someone will fight. Now, it's one thing if you witness a dude hit his girlfriend and you're only protecting her. But, let's be honest, that's hardly never the case. Here's what happens....

Guy walks into a crowd of people. Another guy is walking toward the same direction. Two dudes accidentally nudge each other while trying to get past the other. One dude says something stupid and rude, the other guy responds with something even more stupid. They start wrestling, fall to the ground and get escorted out by the security. Sound about right?!? Haha! Guys, here's a little piece of advice...Get over yourself! It was an accident. Ugh, it's never attractive to girls to see you fight. It makes you look like a toddler that can't control his temper. Be a man, walk away!


A girl who can't walk in high heels but she's bound and determined to show off her skills

Just as we were leaving yesterday afternoon, I witnessed this and it wasn't pretty. Ladies, there's a time and a place for your super-cute chevron print, strapless dress with your five and a half inch black stiletto heels. The new brick-paved Veteran's on your way to get a deep-fried Oreo isn't it. I saw this chick about bust it at least four times in a matter of 30 seconds. It's a festival! You're dude is in flip-flops and basketball shorts and you're dressed up enough to go to the Miller House. Enjoy the excuse to wear sandals....and enjoy the fact that you won't break your ankle in front of everyone on the riverfront, haha!


Someone you really didn't want to see

Never fails.... you're out in a crowd of 1,000s of people and you will see the ONE person you'd rather not see for forever! Haha! It will happen. Just do this... when you notice him/her, duck into the nearest arts and crafts booth or cover your face in cotton candy. Maybe they won't see you, ha!

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Kids hopped up on carnival food

There is nothing better than festival food, right?!? I just wish they'd hand out antacids on the way to your car, ha! Yes, kids will be everywhere, living it up! Give em a break! As parents, they aren't allowed to eat snacks other than an apple with peanut butter very often. It's like a grade-schoolers Spring Break! Every lemonade shake-up or pineapple whip is like those last three of four margaritas you shouldn't have had in PCB your junior year. Sure, they're acting crazy running around, and sure, they'll have a sugar crash later on. But, they'll enjoy the memory of the BBQ Festival food forever, ha!

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What else do you come to the BBQ Festival for?!? I LOVE going around to all of the church cooking teams and local restaurants to try out a little bit of everything! Joking aside, we are VERY lucky to have such a tradition-rich event here in Owensboro. Just yesterday, Chad and I met a couple from Knoxville, Tennessee that came in town just because of our reputation for such a great event.

I hope everyone gets to downtown and takes in everything that the BBQ Festival has to offer! And, of course, if you see anything crazy, please let me know! ;)