This week families can support St. Jude and take the whole family to the movies for $2 a person with the help of a big green ogre named Shrek. "Shrek Forever After" the most recent to the Shrek franchise will hit the big screen at 10AM at MalcoCinema 16 on South Frederica in Owensboro Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.

Good news for those of us who's families are so big that taking everyone to the movies is the financial equivalent of throwing a small wedding. The Malco Cinema 16 Kid's Summer Film Fest is rolling on with this week's feature "Shrek Forever After" with all your favorite characters in tow and Rumpelstilskin in addition for good measure. The film fest has been a family favorite at the Malco for years now and for $2 per person its cheaper than a trip to the human hamster compound at your local fast food emporium. 

Isuggest grabbing the whole family for air conditioned time out of the house that is good for everybody.....including the kids at ST. Jude. Porceeds from the film fest will be donated to the children's hospital that is so near and dear to WBKR and it's listening audience.

Click the link for a fun fridge reminder of this year's film choices.