I've been to two of the three. Kentucky's constitution was signed in one of them. One of the Bluegrass State's college basketball powers is in another--in fact, it shares its name with its city. And there's good bourbon to be found in the other.

Danville, Murray, and Bardstown have all landed on a list of the Top Ten Best Small Towns in America, according to Rand McNally and USA Today. There criteria were friendliness, food, and beauty. I have never been to Danville, but I have been to Murray and Bardstown and love 'em both.

I would have character as a quality for my top ten, but that's pretty intangible and difficult to sell. But they didn't ask me.

I've also been to Cloudcroft, New Mexico which hangs its hat on skiing. I was there in the summer and I don't ski, but I agree with the selection nonetheless.

I can't remember if I've mentioned this much on the air, but my vacations tend to be unconventional when compared to the norm. So, it shouldn't come as any surprise if I were to plan a vacation that specifically incorporates visits to the towns on this list I've never visited.

Hmmm. Now I have something to work on.