So, you've read the headline and you're thinking, "Yeah, I know--a swimming pool or lake." And, it goes without saying, those are great ideas. But what if a body of water isn't on your agenda?


One of the thoughts I had actually cracked me up. At Legion Park in Owensboro, there's a mini-spray park. Jets shoot water up into the air. The kids love it. You can see 'em playing around in it whenever you pass by.

It's a great way for them to cool off while you could, perhaps, sit in the shade with a cold drink reading a good book or surfing the Internet on your laptop or playing "Words with Friends" on your mobile device. OR, you could join the kids in the water.

Why not?

I've often thought how funny it would be if I were to just walk into that spray park. Me and a bunch of people a tenth of my size.

Anyway, on we go.


Have you ever been to The Edge Ice Arena over by the Sportscenter? I mean for other reasons than to skate? Members of  Owensboro Parks and Recreation join me on the air once a month and they always encourage everybody to head to The Edge, even if you don't skate.

What a great place to cool off! You can get a beverage and just enjoy the ice-skating from the sidelines. They have free wi-fi, so bring your computer and maybe get some work done in a cool, calm, relaxing atmosphere. Come to think of it, why am I not there now?

Now, here's where it gets weird...well, if you're not a member of my family, that is. From time to time, I like to take my big old camp chair and a good book up to the top of Elmwood Cemetery and just sit there and read.


It's the oldest part of the cemetery so it never sees any traffic. There's lots of shade and always a cool breeze. I love it. Very relaxing.

So if you're looking for a super-inexpensive (read: free) way to chill out this summer, there are three ideas.

I'll see ya at the cemetery!