Lately, it seems there's a desire by country artists to get back to a simpler way of living. I'm basing this theory solely on recent HUGE hits by Eric Church ("Give Me Back My Hometown"), Miranda Lambert ("Automatic"), and a soon-to-be smash by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

Sure, there have been tons of hits over the years about where the artists were raised and how they were raised.

But I'm talking about superstars who seem to actually WANT to get back there.

"Meanwhile Back at Mama's" is a perfect example.

You know, when you strip away the McGraw/Hill superstardom, the glitz and the glamor, what you have is a guy from Start, Louisiana and a gal from Star, Mississippi.

Plus, they're selling their mansion in Nashville and its accompanying spread. Maybe they ARE looking for something simpler.

Hey, nobody's getting any younger.

Wouldn't that be something if they picked one of their hometowns and moved back? Feels like it would easily be the biggest thing to hit Start, LA or Star, MS since...well...Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.