Due to what Time Warner is characterizing as draconian retransmission fees, the cable giant has pulled the plug on CBS On Demand, Showtime, and The Movie Channel until further notice. And in some larger markets, the CBS network is unavailable altogether.

Cable providers have to pay retransmission fees to broadcasters to air their programming, but Time Warner Cable has become fed up with what it considers to be outrageous demands from CBS and premium channels like Showtime and The Movie Channel.

This means that the PGA Championship--a major sporting event, needless to say--as well as the hit summer series Under the Dome, are not available to consumers in major markets where the network has been completely blacked out.

In our area, only CBS On Demand is unavailable. So make sure you're parked in front of the set for the PGA and Under the Dome when they air, or you'll miss them. Of course, those with Dish and DirecTV have no such concerns.

But I'm a Time Warner subscriber and Dexter--Showtime's #1 program--is one of my favorite shows. And it's in the middle of its last season. And its last season has been VERY good.

Sure TWC has thrown us a bone by allowing us to watch Starz and Encore and they'll give us a credit on our bills. But that doesn't help me see Dexter!

Time Warner and these networks have engaged in a war, and we, the consumers, have gotten caught up in the middle, through no fault of our own. Let's hope cooler heads begin to prevail sooner rather than later.