When I first heard there would be a new Dallas coming to TNT, I was afraid of the reboot. Growing up, Dallas was must-see TV in my home when must-see TV wasn't cool. Turns out I was wrong. Thankfully.

TNT's all-new Dallas is a continuation of the legendary original series which ended its run in 1991. And what's more, the old magic has returned.

Yes, fans of the original will find plenty to sink their teeth into with the new version, even if it is a little unusual seeing characters using the Internet, monitoring oil well pressure with online programs, and dancing to an Adele song at a wedding.

But that odd out-of-sync feeling fades and turns to relief as we realize that Dallas CAN exist in 2012 and still be just as fun as the original. The show's central characters are cousins John Ross Ewing, played by Josh Henderson, and Christopher Ewing, played by Jesse Metcalfe.

John Ross is a chip off the old block--he's J.R.'s son--and he proves it by trying to get his grandmother's will overturned so that he can drill for oil on the Ewing ranch, Southfork. Christopher is Bobby Ewing's son and has made his fortune in alternative energy, and may have gotten himself into some trouble in China.

Hopefully, the performances of Henderson and Metcalfe--both of whom you might remember from ABC's now-defunct Desperate Housewives--will improve as the series continues. But as long as old pros Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing, Linda Gray as Sue Ellen Ewing, and ESPECIALLY Larry Hagman as J.R. Ewing are handy and in every episode, I can't complain.

Hagman is as terrific now as he was during the show's 80s heyday. Duffy and Gray have pretty much picked up where they left off. And all are squaring off against somebody or each other or both.

There are plenty of twists, back-stabs, double and triple crosses to satisfy the most diehard fans. And it really is a blast to watch.

After it finished, my nephew--who is too young to remember the original--turned to me and asked, "So everyone just scams everyone else?"

I said, "Yep, it's just good, clean, fun."