Ok...so, I've been talking about my big 5K coming up this weekend. Well, y'all heard me gripe about my old knees. (I'm only 28, they shouldn't be complaining just yet!!) So, I did run yesterday in that crazy heat!! And, last night when I got home....I seriously almost couldn't walk!! For real!! Mater was at the Fire Department and Carsyn was at the in-laws, and it's a good thing! I thought it was broken!! (Slight exaggeration!!)

So, my friend Chelsea is a PTA, so I let her look at it. Well, that little sucker left for Florida this morning, so she told me to go see a friend. Jennifer Byrne is a PT at Kort so I went to see her after work. (It's right by the station!) Well, she poked all around my knee, showed me some stretches, and did this awesome tape job that should relieve some of the pain while running. Well...let's just say that when I tried to run, I only made it .2 miles!!! What?!?! So, I ask you....This is the big weekend! (I even have an outfit!!) To run or not to run...that is the question!! I think I can do it!!!