Nothing like a brother. You're blessed if you have one. Like mine (pictured with me at the Country Radio Hall of Fame dinner in 2009) . Don Mullins, of Forney, TX. He came all the way to Nashville to be there for me. That's what brothers do. So, I was curious about brothers who have had success in country music.

I may be leaving some out but I found a bunch:

Only two of these guys were actually brothers: Harold and Don Reid. The other two original members were Lew DeWitt and Phil Balsey.

Larry was the leader of the pack, and Steve and Rudy provided harmonies.

These giys, Harold and David, had a huge pop hit in 1976, then went country. In the early 70s they were happenin'.

Aw, the Central City duo who had some an impact on late 50s Rock and Roll. When they split up as recording artists they realized they could never split up as brothers.

These guys split up also after success came. A blend of beautiful harmonies, Tompall, Jim and Chuck never quite made it big. Tompall did pretty well as a solo act.

Teddy and Doyle were twins. Their biggest success came in publishing Loretta Lynn's original hits. A d.j. I knew used to call them, "The inflammable twins -- Teddy and Doyle". Get it? Will Burn?

Sonny and Bobby - great bluegrass performers. For Kentucky boys they had a major influence in Tennessee.  Rocky Top became the University of Tennessee's official song.

Charlie and Ira. Big artists in the early 50s. After Ira died in an accident in 1965, Charlie had a late blooming success in the late 60s.