While combing the web for this week's edition of Chad's "Country-Fried" YouTube Cover of the Week, I came across two different versions of Chris Young's "Tomorrow" that caught my ears and eyes.  I was trying to decide which version would make the cut, but I just couldn't make a choice.  Both deserve to be seen and heard, albeit for different reasons.  So, this week I present to you two very unique covers of the song.  The first features a pair of brothers who love to down Coors Light while they sing.  The second features an apsiring country singer and his friends, who are masters of dorm-room harmony.  Check these out!

Meet Dee and Rich Price, who have a YouTube series called the "Watever Sessions."  In these "Sessions" they cover everyone from Adele to Amy Winehouse to Chris Young.  And, I must tell you, Rich's version of Adele's "Someone Like You" could have been sensational if Dee would have let him fly solo.  If you wanna hear it, CLICK HERE!  Dee has similar problems in 'Tomorrow" and, consequently, the boys have a little bit of trouble maintaining pitch.  I will admit it's a tough challenge to twang out a country song with distinctly R&B voices.  But I appreciate the effort anyway and love the swagger.  And I love the fact that they're toasting with cans of Coors Light before and after the performance.  Boys, I have met Chris Young and know for a fact that he can throw it back.  He would be very proud!

The second version of "Tomorrow" that I found this week caught my eyes and ears for other reasons.  Watch this.  These kids are AWESOME!

That's Tyler Barham on lead vocals and guitar.  And, in the video, he gets an assist from his friends Katie Basden and Addison Johnson.  Tyler is good by himself.  But, when you throw in the two additional voices, these kids just fill that room.  YouTube is FULL of covers of just about any song you can name, but occasionally one of those covers is a true stand out.  And THIS is a standout. 

Tyler is hard at it, trying to establish himself as a country star.  He has a couple of EP's of original music available at ITunes.  The first is called 'Tyler Barham" . . . the second "Twenty-One."  He also has an acoustic EP and an EP of Christmas music available. 

What do you all think of Dee and Rich's version?  How about Tyler's?  Let us know using the Facebook comment feature below!