As Charlie Brown would say, "Good grief!" Except there's no grief in 'Catville tonight. Only joy, as the mighty Calipari has struck gold once again.

The 2013 University of Kentucky recruiting class now welcomes the nation's top high school center into the fold.

New York City native Dakari Johnson, a senior at Montverde Academy in Florida, is the #12 prospect on the ESPN 100 and the top big man in the country. Johnson will now join the #1 point guard, Andrew Harrison, the #1 shooting guard, Aaron Harrison, the #2 shooting guard, James Young, plus Marcus Lee and Derek Willis.


The 2013 class is setting up to not only be the greatest recruiting haul in Kentucky history, but the best one we've ever seen anywhere. Naturally, there are those that oppose the one-and-done philosophy who will carp and wring their hands about the seemingly ill-fated direction college basketball is heading.

But the blame lies with the NBA. They set the age limit, and these talented kids take advantage of it, for better or worse. Hey, I've heard Coach Cal lament the one-and-done rule. He doesn't like it, but he has no choice but to accept it and NOT turn away the best players that are out there if they want to come to UK.

I call it the new normal. And, maybe it's the new way to define a dynasty. Used to be, a dynasty existed when one team dominated and won championships year in and year out--like UCLA in the 60s and 70s or the Chicago Bulls in the 90s. Maybe the new "dynasty" is recruiting at the highest level annually and winning big within that system.

Will the Wildcats win the title this season? I doubt it.

Are they a title contender in 2014? Undoubtedly.