If you have not seen this yet you will not believe your eyes. With the last week of consistent severe weather and flooding that is still affecting portions of the tri-state, this is the kind of footage that reminds us just how much we are at the mercy of mother nature.

Local roads are still washed out and I've had countless friends who have had to move valuables to higher ground but when it comes down to it compared to much of the south we have been very lucky.

According to cnn.com as many as 231 over a swath of six states have lost their lives, while msnbc.com reports a total of 214. I was happy to see the sun return today but with historical weather like this happy doesn't even do it justice. I can definitely say that I'm counting my blessings and thinking of those who have been affected throughout the south and the tri-state area. Click below for more information on the tragic path left by this weeks massive outbreak.